What are the Latest Fridge Prices in Kenya?

What are the latest fridge prices in Kenya? This is a common question among most people who want to own a fridge or just upgrade from their existing refrigerator.

In this short post, I will cover the latest prices for refrigerators and links to buy them directly from jumia.co.ke.

NB: Jumia is the most trusted online store in Kenya at the moment, you can trust them. I have shopped with them for years without any issues…

Fridge Prices in Kenya

LG GN-Y331SLBBLG199 LitresKSh 46,495Buy Now
LG GL-C332RLBNLG284 LitresKSh 83,995Buy Now
LG GL-C442RLCNLG338 LitresKSh 96,495Buy Now
LG GL-F652HLHULG471 LitresKSh 119,495Buy Now
LG GC-X247CSAVLG668 LitresKSh 299,995Buy Now
Ramtons RF/173Ramtons128 LitresKSh 27,799Buy Now
Ramtons RF/268Ramtons207 LitresKSh 37,610Buy Now
Ramtons RF/177Ramtons128 LitresKSh 28,680Buy Now
Ramtons RF/246Ramtons90 LitresKSh 18,990Buy Now
Ramtons RF/171Ramtons128 LitresKSh 28,100Buy Now
VON VART-18DMYVON138 LitresKSh 28,990Buy Now
VON VARM-11DHWVON90 LitresKSh 16,599Buy Now
VON HRD-231S/VARS-23DHSVON190 LitresKSh 31,990Buy Now
VON VART-19DHYVON136 LitresKSh 28,490Buy Now
VON HRD-081W/VARM-08DMWVON92 LitresKSh 16,990Buy Now
Bruhm BFD 200MDBruhm220 LitresKSh 31,990Buy Now
Bruhm BFD-150MDBruhm138 LitresKSh 27,990Buy Now
Bruhm BRS 155MMDSBruhm158 LitresKSh 26,900Buy Now
Bruhm BRD 205TENIBruhm210 LitresKSh 39,900Buy Now
Bruhm BFS 93MDBruhm93 LitresKSh 16,900Buy Now
Mika MRDCS50GLDMika92 LitresKSh 17,995Buy Now
Mika MRDCD207LSMika101 LitresKSh 37,995Buy Now
Mika MRDCD70SBRMika108 LitresKSh 27,995Buy Now
Mika MRDCD75GLDMika138 LitresKSh 29,495Buy Now
Mika MRDCD75XDMMika138 LitresKSh 29,995Buy Now

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Samsung RT26HAR2DSA

When you are looking for a refrigerator, you will want one that can fulfill your needs. It should be a reliable brand such as Samsung.

It should also have the capacity to keep your food items fresh for a long time. The Samsung RT26HAR2DSA can be used for more than keeping food items cool.

The Samsung RT26HAR2DSA refrigerator has many amazing features that will help you to easily keep your food items, fruits and vegetables fresh. It also has adjustable shelves that give you a lot of space for storing your food items.

The Samsung RT26HAR2DSA refrigerator offers great features for its price. It has a very good ice making capacity. Also it comes with a big freezer compartment, which is all you need for a family of 4.

One downside is that the door storage space is not really enough, but, with the freezing compartment at the bottom, you can live with it.

It has a ten-year compressor warranty.

Fridge Prices in Kenya - Refrigerator Price Comparison 2021


  • Samsung 203 Litres Double Door Fridge
  • No Frost Double Door
  • Dura cool technology
  • Digital inverter compressor (10-year warranty)
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • LED lighting
  • Fresh Vegetable box
  • Tampered glass shelves