What is the Best Fridge to Buy in Kenya?

What are the best fridges in Kenya? As we all know, the fridge is an essential part of our home. Most of the time it is used as a household storage more, a lab for our food, and even as a storage for our liquors like beer and wine. 

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But it is far more than that; it is a machine that helps us preserve food for as long as possible.  

But which fridge to buy? 

There are so many things that you need to consider before buying a fridge. Things like the brand, the size, the design, and the price.  

Ramtons RF 173 fridgeRamtons RF 173 fridgeDouble door128 LitresView on Jumia
Super General SGR198HSSuper General SGR198HSDouble door198 LitresView on Jumia
VON VART-18DMYVON VART-18DMYDouble door138 LitresView on Jumia
VON VARM-11DHWVON VARM-11DHWSingle door90 LitresView on Jumia
Mika MRDCD207LSMika MRDCD207LSDouble door201 LitresView on Jumia

Best Fridges in Kenya for 2021

It’s a tough job finding the best fridge for your needs, but we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve tested every popular model on the market, researched customer feedback on the Internet, and even interviewed industry insiders to bring you the following list of the ten best fridges available in Kenya in 2021. 

Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, 128 Litres

If you are looking for the best fridge in Kenya and are on a budget, then the Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge is your go-to fridge. The fridge goes for around ksh 28000 on jumia.co.ke.

The fridge has a capacity of 128 liters which is enough capacity for most Kenyan families. 

It is a double door fridge – one door for the freezer and the other for the refrigerator. The double-door feature reduces the number of times you open the freezer thus saving energy in the long run. The more you open a freezer the more energy a fridge consumes.

The fridge is CFC-free. The manufacturer is committed to protecting the ozone layer by not using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as refrigerants.

The fridge uses a Zanussi compressor which translates into more efficiency, less energy consumption for more savings for the user.

The fridge measures 46.5cm by 55cm (width by depth). This makes it perfect for most Kenyan kitchens that have limited space.

Why we like this fridge

  • The refrigerator’s glass shelves have metal reinforcements on the edges to make them stronger. 
  • The shelves can be rearranged to accommodate large storage containers.
  • The freezer and refrigerator are lockable. You can keep your food under lock and key.
  • It has a hardtop that can be used as a shelf
  • Uses Direct Cool technology which consumes less electricity compared to frost-free refrigerators.
  • One year warranty
  • Door racks for increased storage space

Super General SGR198HS – Double Door Refrigerator – 198L

The Super General SGR198HS Double Door Refrigerator is a spacious refrigerator that has a capacity of 198 liters, and 2 doors (one for each of the compartments). 

The fridge can accommodate just about anything that you want to store in it, from vegetables and fruits to sandwiches and other items. This is made possible by the adjustable shelves.

This is the best refrigerator for your kitchen. It is also very affordable (goes for ksh 27000on jumia.co.ke) and has a long service life. It comes with an aluminum finish that makes it look great in any kitchen. 

With this fridge, you will also get a vegetable and fruit basket, as well as a salad crisper and an egg tray. You will also get an ice cube tray that you can use to make ice cubes.

Why we like this fridge

  • The 198 liters capacity is enough space for most Kenyan homes
  • The double door feature eliminates the need to keep opening the freezer thus saving energy in the long run.
  • Lock and key features to give you more control over food in the house
  • Water drain feature for easy cleaning of the fridge.
  • CFC free. If you care about the ozone layer (which you should), go for this eco-friendly fridge.
  • Door racks for increased storage space
  • One year warranty

VON VART-18DMY, Double Door Fridge, 138L

The VON VART-18DMY Double Door Refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators to be launched in Kenya. 

The refrigerator has a capacity of 138 liters. 

The fridge is also designed to be energy efficient and has a high-efficiency rating.

Why we like this fridge

  • 4-star energy rating which translates to more energy savings.
  • Comes with a fruits and vegetable box
  • The 138 liter capacity for this fridge is enough room for most Kenyan families.
  • Comes with a lock and key in case you want more control over goes in and leaves the fridge
  • Door racks for added storage space
  • Comes with ice and egg trays
  • Strong glass shelves that can be rearranged

Best Fridges in Kenya Buying Guide

Below are some of the things you need to consider when shopping for the best refrigerator on Jumia Kenya.


When it comes to fridge style, you have about four main styles to choose from. These are:

  1. Top freezer refrigerator: These are the most common fridge styles you will find in most Kenyan homes. The fridge has the freezer as the topmost part and the refrigerator shelves are below the freezer.  
  2. Bottom freezer refrigerator: With this fridge style, the freezer is at the lowest part of the fridge and the refrigerator shelves, which you use frequently, are at eye level. 
  3. French door refrigerator: This is similar to the bottom freezer refrigerator in that the freezer in the two designs is at the bottom. The only difference is that, in the French door design, the refrigerator section has two narrow doors.
  4. Side by side refrigerator: With this style, the freeze is neither at the top or bottom of the fridge – it is on one side. As the name suggests, the freezer and the refrigerator are side by side.

Fridge Size

Before buying a fridge for your home, consider the available space. Most kitchens in Kenyan homes are very small in size and can’t accommodate a large fridge. Consider the available space in your kitchen before heading to jumia.co.ke.

Fridge capacity

When shopping for a fridge take into account the family size. A family of 5 would require a much large fridge than a family of 2.

Fridge capacity is measured in liters. The manufacturer will always indicate the fridge’s capacity.


Some brands have better products than others. Manufacturers like LG and Samsung have some of the highest quality home appliances in the market. You can never go wrong with LG and Samsung.

There are much smaller brands like Ramtons, Von, Mika, and Bruhm which are also manufacturing quality refrigerators. 


Go for a fridge with a nice and presentable finish. You don’t want a fridge that will not appeal to the eye.

Fridge Maintenance

We all know the importance of having a functional refrigerator. It is one of the things you cannot live without since it is used to keep your food fresh and cool. 

But even when you have bought a fridge, you need to know how to handle it and maintain it.

Just like any other electronic gadget, your fridge needs maintenance to keep it in good working condition. 

For a comprehensive guide on fridge maintenance, check out this post.

Parting Shot

Best Fridges in Kenya Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021

Having a refrigerator in the house is not only a convenient way to keep your food fresh for longer, but it also allows you to quickly grab something to eat and drink. 

It keeps your drinks chilled for when you want to relax with a cold drink after work, and it can store perishable items for when you plan to prepare a nice meal. 

The above are some of the best fridges in Kenya that you can get on jumia.co.ke.