A Story of Two Dreams: Dr James Smith

A Story of Two Dreams

Chapter 1: The Loss

Once upon a time, a boy named Horizon was tired and stayed at home with his grandma instead of joining his parents to herd their goats. That day his parents never returned. They had herded goats for as long as Horizon could remember. For hundreds of years his ancestors followed their goats, cows and camels across the north Turkana County of Kenya. “The goats must have been stolen and taken far away,” he thought to himself, “otherwise I would have found them easily”. In his heart he knew what had happened to his parents. But it took time for him to abandon hope.

Chapter 2: The Search

For weeks Horizon searched for his parents in the arid wilderness. Gradually he came to accept that he would never see them again. His grandparents lived in abject poverty and were not in good health. Life for him was now about sheer survival.

Chapter 3: The Dreams

When he is not looking for his next meal, Horizon rests from the intense heat, in the shade of an acacia tree. There he dreams two dreams over and again.

In the first dream he has excelled at school and works as a doctor. He misses his parents deeply, yet now has a family of his own. No longer living in misery and fear, they live a peaceful and prosperous life.

The second dream is about revenge. In this dream he has a gun; an AK47, and he travels to the neighbouring county murdering the people who he believes killed his parents. He doesn’t care that more children may search for their parents in the wilderness. This, in his dream, is justice.

Chapter 4: When dreams come true

This is the chapter in which one of Horizon’s dreams comes true. Do you want to help write it?

Last week I met Horizon. He’s ten years old; the same age as my own daughter. I saw the plea in his eyes when he spoke of a better life and I heard the hate in his young voice when he spoke about the group he believes murdered his parents.

The easiest route for Horizon is to follow the second dream.

For his first dream to come true, Horizon needs hope and opportunity. He also needs to see how hate can be overcome.

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James Smith