A Story of Two Dreams: Dr James Smith

A Story of Two Dreams

Chapter 1: The Loss

Once upon a time, a boy named Horizon was tired and stayed at home with his grandma instead of joining his parents to herd their goats. That day his parents never returned. They had herded goats for as long as Horizon could remember. For hundreds of years his ancestors followed their goats, cows and camels across the north Turkana County of Kenya. “The goats must have been stolen and taken far away,” he thought to himself, “otherwise I would have found them easily”. In his heart he knew what had happened to his parents. But it took time for him to abandon hope.

Chapter 2: The Search

For weeks Horizon searched for his parents in the arid wilderness. Gradually he came to accept that he would never see them again. His grandparents lived in abject poverty and were not in good health. Life for him was now about sheer survival.

Chapter 3: The Dreams

When he is not looking for his next meal, Horizon rests from the intense heat, in the shade of an acacia tree. There he dreams two dreams over and again.

In the first dream he has excelled at school and works as a doctor. He misses his parents deeply, yet now has a family of his own. No longer living in misery and fear, they live a peaceful and prosperous life.

The second dream is about revenge. In this dream he has a gun; an AK47, and he travels to the neighbouring county murdering the people who he believes killed his parents. He doesn’t care that more children may search for their parents in the wilderness. This, in his dream, is justice.

Chapter 4: When dreams come true

This is the chapter in which one of Horizon’s dreams comes true. Do you want to help write it?

Last week I met Horizon. He’s ten years old; the same age as my own daughter. I saw the plea in his eyes when he spoke of a better life and I heard the hate in his young voice when he spoke about the group he believes murdered his parents.

The easiest route for Horizon is to follow the second dream.

For his first dream to come true, Horizon needs hope and opportunity. He also needs to see how hate can be overcome.

Kenya’s finest athletes, facilitated by Aegis Trust, are walking over 500 miles through the conflict region to inspire others in hope and peace. They are a catalyst to bring people together at a community and leadership level – and can bring about real change with our support.

That’s why I am Walking for Peace. Please sponsor me, or better still, join me in walking – and make the best of dreams come true.

James Smith

Kenya High Commission in London receives Torch for Peace

World record-breaking ultra runners Rob Young (Marathon Man UK) and Adam ‘Tango’ Holland yesterday completed their 25-day, 2200-mile torch relay across the UK for the Aegis Trust’s Champions Walk for Peace by presenting the torch to Ambassador Jackline Yonga, Deputy Head of Mission at Kenya’s High Commission in London.

Launched by some of the World’s top runners earlier this year to establish a peace school with the Aegis Trust in Kenya’s troubled North Rift Valley, the Walk for Peace (www.walkforpeace.co.ke) offers people everywhere an avenue to help young people who are at risk of being drawn into rising ethnic violence in the region, where hundreds of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been driven from their homes this year.

Describing Rob and Adam’s achievement as ‘unbelievable’, Ambassador Yonga praised the Champions Walk for Peace and urged people to get behind it.

“Create peace to enable development”

“For Aegis as sponsors and supporters of this important initiative, I thank you,” the Ambassador said. “The Champions Walk for Peace is an initiative that is very good for Kenya because this complements the Government’s efforts to ensure peaceable coexistence of diverse Kenyan communities.

“It is my hope and belief that this initiative will achieve its objective in inspiring and engaging young people from the divided communities in Kenya and help break these cycles of violence which have derailed economic growth and development in the affected areas.

“Kenya recognises that peace and stability are necessary preconditions for development and prosperity…. Without the foundation of peace, we will never get there…. We first of all must put our house in order by creating peace to create an enabling environment for economic development to take place.

“Kenya has made tremendous achievements despite the few challenges it faces. We believe therefore that efforts like Champions for Walk for Peace and other similar endeavours, coupled with the strategies being employed by the Kenyan Government, will steer Kenya into the ranks of the top emerging market destinations for investment.”

“Bringing people together”

“It’s a real honour to be here and this means a lot to us, not only to do something for Kenya, but for the Rift Valley,” commented Rob Young. “It’s about bringing people and communities together and that’s what we’re about as runners. It’s something that we’re very proud to be part of, and that we are going to continue to be involved in. Having had a very tough upbringing, being part of something which is going to help other children is very important to me.”

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to carry this torch”, said Adam Holland. “Through this we’ve been able to give back, and to give people the opportunity to realise that they can make a difference.”

Aegis CEO Dr James Smith thanked the Ambassador, and the athletes for their endeavour. “People often talk so much about the need for African solutions to African problems, and clearly these are solutions that are owned by the people in Kenya,” he said. “Rob and Adam’s response, when the champions were walking through the North Rift Valley, was to say, “we need to just do our part”. This was truly an epic journey that you’ve taken, and I hope this can be passed on to many more people so that we can all together contribute to building peace.”

The Torch for Peace will now continue its journey in the USA – where American athletes Pat Sweeney and ‘Barefoot’ Alex Ramsey are set to run with it another 900 miles from the Chicago Marathon (11 October) to the New York Marathon (1 November).

The distances involved are dizzying, but the purpose is simple – to encourage running fans, students at the schools they’ve been visiting and the wider public to become literally ‘one in a thousand’ – to donate or sign up at www.walkforpeace.co.ke/1000 to fundraise £150 (or $250) each in order to change the future for young people in Kenya whose lives are in the balance.

With $250,000, the Aegis Trust – which has established a successful peace education programme in Rwanda – will be able to launch a peace school in Kenya’s North Rift Valley, where many local people and officials are not only eager for change, but also inspired by what the athletes have begun.

Champion athletes to walk for peace through Kenya’s North Rift Valley

Kenya’s North Rift Valley is being torn apart by growing armed violence between different ethnic groups, often centred around cattle rustling. In the past 18 months alone, hundreds of people have been killed and thousands displaced. Now a group of star Kenyan athletes – some of the World’s biggest names in distance running – are set to lead a ‘Champions Walk for Peace’, carrying a torch for humanity over 522 miles in 22 days through the heart of the Rift Valley from Lodwar, Turkana to the shores of Lake Bogoria, starting 15 July and finishing 6 August 2015.

The champions include Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, Paul Tergat, Tegla Loroupe, Ezekiel Kemboi, John Kelai, Irine Jerotich, Andrew Lesuuda, Alex Kipchirchir, Stephen Kiprotich and Douglas Wakiihuri.

“Supported by the Aegis Trust, which has shown how peace can be built in Rwanda, we are going to inspire and engage the young people from the divided communities and help to break the cycles of violence,” says organizer and Commonwealth Gold Medallist John Kelai in this short video promoting the initiative.

For John, from Turkana County, it’s personal. Three of his uncles were shot dead by Pokot cattle rustlers. Now former Pokot cattle rustler Julius Arile is one of the athletes who will be taking part. “Running has given us a platform to create change,” says Arile. “Completing the Walk for Peace is just the start of the challenge – and we are inviting you to come with us.”

Using the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the champions are aiming to raise at least $250,000 in sponsorship from fans and the public – in Kenya and internationally – to kickstart a peace-building programme that will engage at least 10,000 young people at risk of being drawn into the ethnic violence, saving lives and preventing suffering in the Rift Valley.

Offering some great incentives for sponsors, the champions are also encouraging people everywhere to get out and do their own sponsored walk or run for the cause using platforms like JustGiving. Meanwhile, special events in key locations they pass through – and community engagement along their route – will be laying the groundwork for the subsequent peacebuilding programme to hit the ground running.

Led by the Kenyan athletes and coordinated by the Aegis Trust in collaboration with RECSA (the Regional Centre on Small Arms) and the United Religions Initiative along with local government and civic leaders both in Nairobi and in the Rift Valley, the ‘Champions Walk for Peace’ will route through seven counties: Turkana, West Pokot, Trans-Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Marakwet, Baringo and Samburu. Sponsors and fans will be able to keep track of the athletes’ progress via Twitter, Facebook and this official website.

“This walk is to break the hatred and revenge so that the warring communities in the seven counties will live in peace, share resources and be one voice,” says Professor Lokapel Elim, the Chairman of the Steering Committee, who also hails from Turkana County. As Principal of Mt Kenya University’s Kigali Campus, he witnessed the effectiveness of Aegis’ work with young people in Rwanda and now wants to see that replicated at home. “The experience of forgiveness, the experience of speaking out against hatred, the impact that Aegis has, actually will change the thinking of our people,” he says.

Mobile loans – How to choose the right lender

Mobile loans are the most preferred source of short-term credit in Kenya. The loans aim at bringing the payday closer – in fact, mobile lenders convert any day of the month to your payday.

The popularity of mobile loans has seen an increase in the number of lenders offering the loans in Kenya.

The increase in number of mobile loan lenders offering mpesa loans has seen emergence of unscrupulous lenders. The unscrupulous lenders either offer you loans with hidden charges or take your personal information and use it without your consent. For these reasons, you need to be very careful when choosing a mobile loan lender.

The following are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a mpesa loan lender.

Does the lender have a physical office or address?

Although mobile loans are the most convenient sources of short-term funds, a credible lender should have an office in at least part of the country.

Having more branches in parts in different parts of the country adds to the credibility.

You can determine this information by checking the lenders’ website. A simple search on search engines like Google can also give you information about the lender’s physical address.

For how long has the lender been in existence?

A mobile money lender who has been in existence for long tends to be credible and reliable. If a lender has been in business for years and clients still trust them, it means he is both credible and reliable.

However, this does not mean that newer lenders are not credible. It only means that they have not demonstrated their credibility; are you really willing to experiment?

Does the lender have customer reviews?

These are reviews left by previous clients. Although reviews could be ‘cooked’, they are a perfect way to determine the reliability and credibility of a lender.

You can determine genuine reviews by checking for biases. If not biased, the reviews are likely to be authentic.

A lender that allows clients to leave reviews is a confident lender and thus credible.

Online reviews appear either on the lender’s app (on PlayStore/AppStore), website or on any other blog.

Is the application process straightforward?

Most mobile loan providers will have a straightforward application process. Do not trust a lender whose loan application procedure is complicated and unclear. Chances are there is information they are trying to conceal.

Are the terms and conditions clear?

Before applying for a mobile loan, check the lender’s terms of service. A good lender will have clear terms written in an easy-to-understand language. Most unscrupulous mpesa loan lenders will have their terms of service written in a complex legal language with the aim of creating loopholes.

Okash Apk Download – All Your Loan Needs in One App

Latest Okash App Download 2019: Okash is one of the best loan apps in Kenya that gives you access to all your loan needs in one app.

How to Download the Okash Loan Apk

To download the Okash loan app for your android device, click on the following link for Okash App download.

This should download the apk file straight into your phone’s storage. Install it how you install any other android app.

More Information about the Okash Loan App

Okash aims at providing better financial services. The following are some of the reasons you should download the Okash loan app.

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  1. High loan amount: You can get loan amounts of up to 500, 000.
  2. Fast disbursement: With Okash you get your loan in minutes after application.
  3. Advanced credit scoring system:  With Okash app, you don’t need documents to access a loan.

Download OKash apk to enjoy a fast, convenient and reliable way to access a loan. The funds will be sent to your M-Pesa account within minutes of submitting your application. You submit the application from the app at the comfort of your office or house. No paperwork, No collateral, No office visits.

Okash App Download - Download Latest Okash APK for Android 2019

If you pay on time, you build your credit and access a high loan limit.

Okash Loan App Contacts

If for any reason, you’d want to contact Okash use any of the contact methods below;

  • Email address: help@o-kash.com
  • Telephone: 020-7659988.
  • Physiacal Address: Kalamu House, Westlands, Grevillea Grove, Nairobi City, Kenya

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Okash Apk Info

App Download Version                 1.2.0

Last Updated                                     Jan. 5, 2019

Apk Size                                               3.6M

App by                                                  OneSpot Technology Investment Limited

Category                                              Free Finance App

Content Rating                                  Everyone

Support Android Version              Android 15 and above

App Package                                      com.oplay.microloan.kenya

Okash apk is now available for download and you don’t have to have a Google Playstore account to download and use it.

Branch App Download – M-Pesa Loans for the Way You Live

Branch App is a leading mobile lending app in Kenya that lets you access up to ksh.70,000 m-pesa loan on your android smartphone – anywhere, anytime.

With Branch loan app, you complete your application in seconds and receive your loan directly into your m-pesa account.

How to download Branch apk for android

Click on the button below for Branch apk download.

After you have downloaded the Branch loan apk, install it like you would install any other android app (Make sure you give it the necessary permissions during installation)

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More information about the Branch loan app

Branch App Download – M-Pesa Loans for the Way You Live 2019
  • Branch app is a bank in your pocket. It is there for you all the time.
  • Borrow, repay, build your credit and unlock larger amounts. It is that simple
  • Unlike banks, Sacco and shylock, branch app loans are accessible right from your phone. With zero paperwork.
  • Branch loans are approved in under 24 hours
  • Zero late fees or rollover fees
  • No collateral needed
  • Your data is safe with Branch. Data is encrypted and protected.
  • Branch loans range from Ksh.250 to ksh.70,000
  • Repayment period for the loans range from 4 to 68 weeks.
  • Interest rates range from 10% to 27% with an equivalent monthly interest of 1% to 14%

Branch Loan App Info and Specs

App Download Version
Last UpdatedDec. 20, 2018
Apk Size4.6mb
App byBranch International
CategoryFree Finance App
Content RatingEveryone
Support Android VersionAndroid 10 and above
App Packagecom.branch_international.branch.branch_demo_and…

Tala App Download – Mobile Loans Directly From Your Smartphone

Tala app is a top rated finance app that allows you as a Kenyan to borrow a loan directly from your phone.

Loans given by the Tala loan apk is up to ksh.30000 with fees ranging from 5% to 15%

How to download Tala apk

To download the Tala apk, click on the button below.

After download, install the app the same way you install other android apps on your phone.

More about Tala loan App Kenya

Tala is one of the earliest entrants and arguably the best loan app in Kenya in terms of loan approval time. Within five 5 minutes of downloading and applying for a tala loan, you’ll have money in your M-pesa account (for qualifying applicants only.)

Tala App Download - Mobile Loans Directly From Your Smartphone

Like all the other loan apps in Kenya, Tala loan app lets you apply for and repay a loan from the comfort of your living room. No walking to a bank or office; no paperwork. All you need is just a few minutes to download the app and apply directly from your android smartphone.

Tala App Info ad specifications

App DownloadVersion 7.27.0
Last UpdatedDec. 21, 2018
Tala Apk Size8.1mb
App byTala Mobile
CategoryFree Finance App
Content RatingEveryone
Support Android VersionAndroid 15 and above
App Packagecom.inventureaccess.safarirahisi
Official websitehttps://tala.co.ke/

How to Log into Karatina University Student Portal 2020

Karatina University Student Portal Login - Admission Letters Download

How do I access the Karatina University Student Portal? How do I register on the portal? These are just a few questions among new students who have just joined Karatina University.

Karatina University is a Chartered public university that was founded in 2007 as Moi University Central Kenya Campus. The campus became a constituent college of Moi University in 2010. It became a fully-fledged and chartered university in 2013.

Karatina University Student Portal Login

To login to the Karatina University Student Portal, click here.

To login to the Karatina University Student Resource Portal, click here.

To log into the Student Portal, you will need to type your student registration username, type in your password and then click on the ‘Login’ button.

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Karatina University Admission Letters

Karatina University Student Portal Login - Admission Letters Download

To access admission letters for Karatina University for the academic year 2018/2019, click here.

For the 2017/2018 academic year intake admission letters, click here.

For the 2016/2017 academic year intake admission letters, click here.

How to Download and install Songa by Safaricom App 2018

Songa by Safaricom is a new music on demand app. The app gives you unlimited access to millions of songs and an entire music library. And the good thing is – all this is ad-free – we all hate ads.

In this post, I am going to take you through the process of downloading Songa, registering, paying for a subscription and cancelling your subscription.


  1. The app is currently available to Android users.
  2. The app is currently available to Safaricom customers (both prepay and postpaid users).

How to Download and install Songa by Safaricom App

To download the Songa apk for android phones, head over to Google Play Store on your phone.

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Once on Play Store, search for Songa on the search bar at the top of the app.

How to Download and install Songa by Safaricom App

Once the Songa app shows, tap on Install then Accept to grant it the necessary permissions. It will take a few seconds to download and install the app.

Now tap on ‘Open’ to launch the Songa by Safaricom app.

On the welcome screen, you have two sign in options. You can either sign in with either Facebook or Google.

Songa Apk

For this guide, I’ll sign in with Facebook.

On the next screen, enter your phone number and tap on the ‘Next’ button.

Songa downolad

A Songa verification code will be sent to your phone. Your phone should be able to detect the code and automatically fill it out.  If your phone doesn’t detect the code, you’ll need to copy it from your sms and paste it on the app.

Next, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Now it is time to file out your personal profile. Fill out your date of birth and gender. As for your name, and email address, the Songa app pulls them from your Facebook profile.

Check on the checkbox to agree with the app’s terms and conditions.

Now you are set and ready to go.

How to Pay for Songa by Safaricom Plans

To listen to music on Songa you need a subscription. To view your Songa subscription, subscribe or cancel a subscription, tap on the ‘Settings’ cog at the bottom.

On the settings menu, tap on ‘Profile and Subscriptions’

Pay for Songa by Safaricom Plans

At the time of writing, Songa has two plans: Songa Gold and Songa Premium.

With Songa Gold (charges you ksh. 5 per day), you get to local, African and select international hits.

With Songa Premium (charges you ksh. 25 per day), you get to local, African and all international hits.

Choose your preferred plan and tap on ‘Subscribe’ button. You will receive a pop up confirmation.

Songa Gold and Songa Premium plans

After you have subscribed it is now time to enjoy the best and latest hits from around the world.

How to Download Songs on Songa by Safaricom

Pick a song by exploring the genres available or by searching the song name on the ‘Discover’ field at the top of the app.

When the song starts playing, the download button (in the shape of a downward-pointing arrow inside a circle) can now be seen. Hit the button and the song will download.

To access your downloaded songs, tap on the ‘My Music’ tab at the bottom navigation bar.

Downloaded music can be listened offline without using data (this is what Safaricom is calling data free steaming).

How to Cancel your Songa Subscription

If for any reason, you feel like cancelling your Songa subscription, go to the app’s settings, choose ‘Profile and settings’ and select unsubscribe.

Cancel your Songa Subscription

Alternatively, dial *100# for prepaid customers or *200# for postpaid customers, select my subscriptions, then select premium services & games, select My active SMS services, select 22122 and unsubscribe.

Moi University Student Portal Registration, Login and Password Reset 2020

Students Downloads & Application Forms

How do I register onto the Moi University student portal? This is a question in the minds of many students who have just joined this university.

In this post, I’m going to take you through the process of joining this platform.

Benefits offered by the Moi university student portal

With the student portal, Moi University students can quickly and efficiently access services. Some of the services offered at the student portal include: online booking of rooms, fee structure, checking of rooms, clearing forms, admission letters, etc

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Moi university student portal Registration

  1. Visit the MU student portal here >> https://www.muwebportal.com/login
Moi University Student Portal Registration, Login and Password Reset 2019 / 2020
  1. If you are a new student or you are continuing student and want to use the portal for the first time, click on ‘First Time Login Format’, which is just below the ‘Log in’ button.
  2. This will take you to a new screen with instructions for the first time log in.
instructions for the first time log in

Continuing Students First Time Log In

  • Email: reg_number@gmail.com – Your Registration Number given by University @gmail.com
  • Password: reg_number – Your Registration Number given by University in Capital Letters
  • Example:
    • If your Registration Number is ECE/1005/14 then the correct Credential for Login is as follows:
    • Email: ECE/1005/14@gmail.com
    • Password: ECE/1005/14

Incoming GSSP 1st Years 2020 Group First Time Log In

  • Email: kcse_index_number@gmail.com – Your KCSE Index number @gmail.com
  • Password: ksce_index_number – Your KCSE Index number
  • Example:
    • If your KCSE Index Number is 12345678910/2017 then the correct Credential for Login is as follows:
    • Email: 12345678910/2017@gmail.com
    • Password: 12345678910/2017
  1. Now fill out the login form using the instructions above and hit the ‘Log in’ button


  • Students are advised to change their default emails and passwords immediately after login.
  • For the subsequent logins please use the email (Valid email Address) and password you have changed to.
  • In case of any issue please email muwebportalhelp@gmail.com or call 0763820147/ 0771393835 for assistance.

Moi university student portal password change

Changing you forgotten Moi university student portal password is as easy as ABC.

  1. All you need to do is visit the portal here >> https://www.muwebportal.com/login
  2. Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link that is just below the ‘Log in’ button.
  3. On the new screen enter a valid email address and click on the ‘Send password rest link’ button. Use the email you used to register to the portal. Otherwise, you’ll get this message “We can’t find a user with that e-mail address.”
  4. Follow the instructions you receive in your email to complete the password reset process.

Students Downloads & Application Forms

The following are some of the application forms and other downloads you can download even without logging into the student portal (Just click on the download links below )

Moi University Contact details

  • Address: P.O. BOX 3900 Eldoret 30100
  • Location: Eldoret
  • Telephone Number: +254 (0)53 43363 / 43620
  • Email Address: vcmu@mu.ac.ke
  • University Website: mu.ac.ke

Moi University Admission List 2018/2019

To see the full list of students joining Moi University in the academic year 2018/2019 and the courses they are taking click here.

Moi University Fee Structure (for 2017/2018 Academic Year)

For the update 2017/2018 Academic Year fee structure for Moi University click here.